Our mandate at hindsight is to study, observe, and research our cities in order to present timely and relevant issues that are facing the urban condition. We will be exploring, especially through archival photography*, a variety of topics through this new magazine series and will be comparing and contrasting our cities, allowing us to learn from each other in the hope of realizing a better urban future. The urban ideas exchange we are building through hindsight will foster a new platform of dialogue as we challenge cities to reexamine, reconsider, and recollect what they already have, in order to determine how they can become better places. The hindsight project is proud to be 100% carbon neutral and the paper stock used in our magazine is made from 100% post-consumer waste. Each issue is designed, produced, and printed in Vancouver, Canada.

*Archival photographs on our website are courtesy of the City of Vancouver Archives, the Seattle Municipal Archives, the Archives de la Ville de Montréal, and ETH Bibliothek.